Literary Agents

Foster Literary Agency
I will look at: Most adult genre fiction such as: mystery, suspense, thriller, intrigue, romance (most sub-genres except for those mentioned below), mainstream fiction, some historicals, and non-fiction of general interest.

I am not handling: Poetry, short stories, children’s books, young adult, novellas, horror, occult, ghost stories, time travel, metaphysical, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, Christian or inspirational material, TV or movie scripts at this time. Also, due to many past problems, I am not taking on writers who live outside the USA. Sorry.

Tina Foster
9173 Vista West Drive
West Jordan, UT 84088
Email: or

Lavinia Trevor Literary Agency
The agency represents writers of both fiction (commercial and literary) and general non-fiction (including popular science). For film/television rights we work with The Agency, a distinguished independent theatrical agency also based in London.
Lavinia Trevor
29 Addison Place
London W11 4RJ, UK
Tel:(0)20 7603 5254

Jane Turnbull, Literary Agent
Specialises in a large variety of high quality fiction and non-fiction; everything from natural history, biography, history, current affairs and TV tie-ins to humour, lifestyle and gardening. No unsolicited mss. Approach with letter in the first instance.
58 Elgin Crescent
London, W11 2JJ
Tel: (020) 7727 9409
Fax: 020 8749 6079

Watson, Little Ltd 
This is a long established agency which handles adult, young adult, and children’s fiction and non-fiction. Special interests: history, popular science, psychology, self-help and business books. Send preliminary letter, synopsis and sample chapters. Return postage essential
48-56 Bayham Place
London NW1 0EU
Tel: 020 7388 7529
Fax: 020 7388 8501

Dinah Wiener Ltd
Handles fiction and general non-fiction: auto/biography, popular science, cookery. Approach with preliminary letter in first instance, giving full but brief c.v. of past work and future plans. Return postage essential.
12 Cornwall Grove
Chiswick, London W4 2LB
Tel: 020 8994 6011
Fax: 020 8994 6044

Hermes the Literary Agency
Handles full-length fiction only, specialising in the high-concept/techno-thriller genre – manuscripts and screenplays. Unsolicited, fully revised mss accepted with s.a.e. (also for acknowledgement), c.v., one-page synopsis, telephone numbers and copies of all rejections. No sample chapters or outlines. No reading fee. No telephone calls.
Susan Wells
5 Thames House
Manor House Lane
Datchet, Berkshire SL3 9EB
Tel: 01753 620781

David Higham Associates Ltd
Handles fiction and general non-fiction: biography, history, current affairs, etc. Also scripts. Preliminary letter with synopsis essential in first instance.
5-8 Lower John Street
Golden Square
London W1R 9HA
Tel: 020 7434 5900
Fax: 020 7437 1072

Kate Hordern Literary Agency
Handles quality literary and commercial fiction including women’s, suspense and genre fiction; also general non-fiction including history, cultural history, popular science. Approach in writing in the first instance with details of project. Synopsis required for fiction; proposal/chapter breakdown for non-fiction. Sample chapters on request only. S.a.e. essential.
Kate Hordern
18 Mortimer Road
Clifton, Bristol BS8 4EY.
Tel: 01179 239368
Fax 01179 731941

Jane Judd Literary Agency
Handles general fiction and non-fiction: women’s fiction, crime, thrillers, literary fiction, humour, biography, investigative journalism, health, women’s interests and travel. Looking for good contemporary women’s fiction but not Mills & Boon-type. Approach with letter, including synopsis, first chapter and return postage. Initial telephone call helpful in the case of non-fiction.
Jane Judd
18 Belitha Villas
London Nl 1PD
Tel: 020 7607 0273
Fax: 020 7607 0623

Limelight Management
Handles non-fiction books in the lifestyle areas; particularly cooking, gardening, health & beauty, nutrition, relationships, business motivation and interior design. Unsolicited mss welcome; send preliminary letter (s.a.e. essential).
Fiona Lindsay
10 Filmer Mews
75 Filmer Road
London SW6 7JF
Tel: 020 7384 9950
Fax: 020 7384 9955

Christopher Little Literary Agency
Handles commercial and literary full-length fiction, non-fiction. Special interests – crime, thrillers, popular science and narrative, and investigative non-fiction. Send detailed letter (‘giving a summary of present and future intentions together with track record, if any’), synopsis and/or first two chapters and s.a.e. in first instance.
Eel Brook Studios
125 Moore Park Road
London SW6 4PS.
Tel: 020 7736 4455
Fax: 020 7736 4490

Lutyens & Rubinstein
Handles a broad range of fiction (including crime and non-illustrated children’s books) and non-fiction. Unsolicited mss accepted; send introductory letter, c.v., two chapters and return postage for all material submitted.
21 Kensington Park Road
London, W11 2EU
Tel: 020 7792 4855
Fax: 020 7792 4833

Eunice McMullen Children’s Literary Agent Ltd
Handles all types of children’s material from picture books to teenage fiction. Particularly interested in younger children’s fiction and illustrated texts. If you are looking for an agent DO NOT forward submissions/unsolicited material via post. Telephone or email (opening chapter and synopsis) enquiries only.
Low Ibbotsholme Cottage
Off Bridge Lane
Troutbeck Bridge
LA23 1HU
Tel: 015394 48551

Marjacq Scripts Ltd
Handles general fiction and non-fiction, and screenplays. Special interest in crime, sagas and science fiction. Send synopsis and three chapters; will suggest revision for promising mss.
34 Devonshire Place
Tel: +44 (0)20 7935 9499
Fax: +44 (0)20 7935 9115

Alexandra Nye
Handles fiction and topical non-fiction. Special interests: literary fiction, historicals and some children’s (novels for 7-12 age range). Unsolicited mss welcome (s.a.e. essential- for return). Preliminary approach by letter, with synopsis, preferred. Reading fee for supply of detailed report.
44 Braemar Avenue, Dunblane
Perthshire FK15 9EB
Tel: 01786 825114

The Agency (London) Ltd
Handles children’s fiction, TV, film, theatre, radio scripts. Send letter with s.a.e.
C Stephen Durbridge
24 Pottery Lane
Holland Park
London W11 4LZ
Tel: 020 7727 1346
Fax 020 7727 9037

Gillon Aitken Associates Ltd
Handles fiction and non-fiction. Please note, we do not represent illustrated children’s books, poetry or screenplays. If you would like to submit to Aitken Alexander please send a cover letter, synopsis, the first 30 pages, and stamped addressed envelope to the address below: Aitken Alexander Associates
18-21 Cavaye Place
SW10 9PT
You can either address your submission to an individual agent, or simply to the Submissions Department.

David O’Leary Literary Agents
Handles fiction, both popular and literary, and non-fiction. Areas of interest include thrillers, history, popular science, Russia and Ireland (history and fiction). No unsolicited mss but happy to discuss a proposal. Ring or write in the first instance.
David O’Leary
10 Lansdowne Court,
Lansdowne Rise, London W11 2NR
Tel: 020 7229 1623
Fax: 020 7727 9624
Email: d.o’

John Pawsey
Experience in the publishing business has helped to attract some top names here, but the door remains open for bright, new talent. Handles non-fiction: biography, politics, current affairs, show business, gardening, travel, sport, business and music; and fiction. Will consider any well-written novel except science fiction, fantasy and horror. Special interests: sport, current affairs and popular fiction. Preliminary letter with s.a.e. essential.
John Pawsey, 60 High Street, Tarring,
Worthing, West Sussex BN14 7NR
Tel: 0l903 205167
Fax: 01903 205167

Pollinger Limited
Handles all types of general trade adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction books; some screenwriting, electronic media and illustrators. Unsolicited material welcome if preceded by letter.
18 Maddox Street, London W1R 0EU
Tel: 020 7629 9761
Fax: 020 7629 9765

Hilary Rubinstein Books
Handles fiction and non-fiction. No poetry or drama. Approach in writing in the first instance. No reading fee but return postage, please.
Hilary Rubinstein
32 Ladbroke Grove
London W11 3BQ
Tel: 020 7792 4282
Fax: 020 7221 5291

Uli Rushby-Smith Literary Agency
Handles fiction and non-fiction, commercial and literary, both adult and children’s. Film and TV rights handled in conjunction with a sub-agent. Approach with an outline, two or three sample chapters and explanatory letter in the first instance (s.a.e. essential).
Uli Rushby-Smith
72 Plimsoll Road
London N4 2EE
Tel: 02073542718
Fax: 020 7354 2718

The Sayle Literary Agency
They represent general fiction (especially crime and literary fiction) and non-fiction (incuding biography, current affairs, travel, history).
1 Petersfield, Cambridge
Tel: 01223 303035
Fax: 01223 301638

Sheil Land Associates Ltd
Handles full-length general, commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, including: social politics, military history, gardening, thrillers, crime, romance, fantasy, drama, biography, travel, cookery and humour, UK and foreign estates. Also theatre, film, radio and TV scripts. One of the UK’s more dynamic agencies, Sheil Land represents over 300 established clients and welcomes approaches from new clients looking either to start or to develop their careers. Known to negotiate sophisticated contracts with publishers. Preliminary letter with s.a.e. essential.
43 Doughty Street
London WC1N 2LF
Tel: 020 7405 9351
Fax: 020 7831 2127

Darley Anderson Literary
Handles commercial fiction and non-fiction; children’s fiction; also scripts for film and TV. Fiction: all types of thrillers and women’s and young male fiction. Non-fiction: celebrity autobiographies, biographies, ‘true life’ women in jeopardy, relevatory history and science. Send letter and outline with first three chapters; return postage/s.a.e. essential.
Contacts: Darley Andersen, Kerith Biggs (Crime/ Foreign Rights), Elizabeth Wright (Women’s Fiction/Love Stories/’Tearjerkers’), Petra Shika (Non-Fiction), Carrie Goodman (Children’s books/TV)
Estelle House, 11 Eustace Road,
London SW6 1JB
Tel: 020 7385 6652
Fax: 020 7386 5571

Judith Chilcote Agency
Handles commercial fiction, TV tie-ins, health and nutrition, sport, cinema, self-help, popular psychology, biography and autobiography, cookery and current affairs. Send letter with c.v., synopsis, three chapters and s.a.e. for return.
Judith Chilcote, 8 Wentworth Mansions,
Keats Grove, London NW3 2RL
Tel: 020 7794 3717
Fax: 020 7794 7431

Teresa Chris Literary Agency
Handles crime, general, women’s, commercial and literary fiction, and non-fiction. Unsolicited mss welcome. Send query letter with first two chapters plus two-page synopsis (s.a.e. essential) in first instance.
Teresa Chris, 43 Musard Road,
London W6 8NR.
Tel: 020 7386 0633

If you know of an agent you would like to see listed, email:

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