An Interview with Sandy Cummins

Sandy Cummins is the Editor of Writers Exchange and the Senior Editor of Writers Exchange E-Publishing.

AUTHOR NETWORK: How and why did Writer’s Exchange come into being?

I started on the internet 4 years ago with my Christian Writer Webpage - this was all about me as a writer and as a Christian. I was hoping to use this both as an online resume and as a resource for writers. The problem was I had hundreds of links, on writing, christianity, homeschooling, fantasy, prolife, etc. It was just too huge and not focused enough.

One day I decided I should get my own domain name and use that only for writing. I bought Writers Exchange transfered all my writing links there. I wanted to make it into the best free Writing Resource on the Net and so the monthly ezine started and it continues to grow.

A couple of months ago, I decided to start the E-Publishing section For a couple of reasons:

1. I thought I could do it and it has always been a secret desire of mine.
2. It might help finance my ezine which drains a lot of money from our personal finances.
3. It would allow new writers to get published and by someone who is interested in helping them. Editing is a high priority at Writers Exchange E-publishing.

AUTHOR NETWORK: How difficult (or how easy) is it for you to sell writing?

The actual books? Very hard, we are only new and still have to prove ourselves and “get out there”. Though I was very pleased to hear one of the big names in the business recently told someone that ours was “an up and coming site” for this year.

AUTHOR NETWORK: Do some of your writers “graduate” to hard-copy publishing?

I don’t consider it graduating – we are a different medium. We are not an inferior medium. We do POD as well, for those who also wish to read the traditional book. It is just a different format.

As for being “discovered” like MJ Rose, we haven’t been in business long enough for that.

AUTHOR NETWORK: What is the financial structure of Writer’s Exchange? Do you have part-owners?

No – just me. I take all the risks, fortunately for the E-Publishing side of things my main investment is time. And lots of it!

AUTHOR NETWORK: In the universe of publishing, where do you see your own role?

At the moment I am a very TINY part of it, but that’s okay, I have only just started. We are expanding at a rate that amazes me. You can’t always see it from the webpage, but we have quite a lot of authors contracted and a fair few in the editing stages – it is very exciting, but also very exhausting.

AUTHOR NETWORK: Can you tell us a bit about your staff?

I have a grammar editor – a lady who is VERY experienced with grammar who checks all the books. Her editing is fantastic and extremely thorough. We also have three cover artists (who also do the illustrations for the Children’s books) – and all of these wonderful people are placing their trust in me. They have agreed to be paid by percentage of royalties for the LIFE of the book. If I fold, they don’t get anything – it is a big responsibility. Their trust and commitment astounds me at times.

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