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Author: Lillie Ammann
Title: Stroke of Luck
Publisher: Awe-Struck E Books
Description: Debbie overcomes a devastating stroke and finds love with a special man who sees beyond the wheelchair to the heart of the woman in the chair.
Bio: Lillie Ammann had always planned to write “someday,” but it took a severe stroke to motivate her to actually do it. She and her husband live in San Antonio, Texas.
Links: Awe-Struck E Books


Author: Robert E. Armstrong
Title: CANIS
Publisher: Writer’s Showcase presented by Writer’s Digest, an imprint of iUniverse.com
Description: CANIS is a murder mystery set in Houston. Today, if you see a dog on the street, you’d better cross over.
Bio: Armstrong is a retired veterinarian with interesting animal experiences on three continents.
Links: www.neosoft.com/~bob-nita/Canis_Welcome.htm


Title: Skull Dance
Author: Gerd Balke
Price:$ 5.50 ebook/$14.95 paperback
ISBN: 1-59105-061-8/1-59105-086-3
Publisher: NovelBooks Inc
Genre: Espionage Suspense Thriller
Publication date: February 3, 2003


Author: Shannah Biondine
Title: Shadow in Starlight
Category/genre: Paranormal cross-genre
Publisher: LTDBooks
Description: This is a paranormal cross-genre book, blending mythical realms and fantasy with sensual medieval romance. Preece the Warmonger, mercenary knight known as The Royal Blade to the Glacian monarch is an enigma. He never appears in public without his black hooded cowl. Some say a monster lurks beneath. A creature half human, and half predatory beast. For he is trueblooded Waniand, an ancient and cabalistic race.
Bio: Shannah Biondine has written several historical and paranormal romances for New Concepts Publishing, Bookmice, and LTDBooks. She has been an active member of RWA for 6 years and is a former chapter president. Her background includes many years as a professional non-fiction writer and serving as both freelance editor and book reviewer.
Links: www.homestead.com/biondine


Author: Arthur R Bracke and Robert J Bracke
Title: Running Against the Wind, The Biography of R. Bracke
Category/genre: Non Fiction
Publisher: Albooktross, Inc.
Description: Running Against The Wind is Robert’s true-life story. It details his early abandonment by his mother; his father’s harsh remarriage and infidelity; his father’s drug use and drug dealing and then becoming a “narc”; his subsequent abandonment by his father; the years of growing up in foster homes; horrific experiences with child abuse and neglect.
Bio: Art Bracke is a social worker/child abuse & neglect investigator in a rural Virginia community. He immigrated to the U.S. from Germany at the age of eight and became a naturalized American citizen at the age of fifteen.
Links: www.art.bracke.as



Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Title: The Windhealer
Category/genre: Sword & Sorcery romance
Publisher: Dark Star Publications
Description: Conar McGregor: A man forgotten, an identity erased. Broken beyond the limits of mortal endurance, he rises again from the ashes, a dark demi-god, devoid of feeling and barren of heart. Marked with the power of the Great One since his conception and betrothed to The Great Lady, will he ever again find love?
Bio: Charlee is the author of over thirty books, the first nine of which are the WindLegend Saga which began with THE WINDKEEPER. She is a proud member of the Authors’ Guild, National Writers’ Union, the Writer’s Club Romance Group, and Romance Writers of America among others. She has won Inscription Magazine’s 2000 Engraver Award for Favorite E-Author and The Writecharm’s Simply Charming Award for promoting e-books and their authors worldwide. Charlee can be reached at charleecompo@hotmail.com.
Links: www.rfiwest.com
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