An Interview with Shari Gerson

Author of ‘Home is Never Far Away’.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: Tell us something about yourself — where you grew up, where you were educated, where you’ve lived most of your life.

SHARI GERSON: I was born in Queens, New York (Flushing, to be exact) where I was raised till I was 15, when my parents kidnapped us to sunny South Florida (just kidding, but we did move), and I”ve been there ever since (I’m 35). I never had the desire to go to college, but wanted to work instead and get my own apartment when I graduated high school. So at 17, much to the envy of my friends, that’s what I did (I was always independent, self-assured, and very adventurous). I worked as a secretary, where right away I became much more due to my talents in mathematics, writing, and organization. I was assisting owners and others with running their companies in no time, and writing everything and anything that needed it. Thru the years, I worked my way up quickly because of my writing and designing (I’m also an artist), which led me to be a Creative Director for corporations.

My writing talent made me successful in the fields of marketing, PR, and advertising, where I’d create pieces from scratch, and design them as well, whether it was advertising campaigns, television/radio commercials, or marketing and PR pieces. I loved it but the corporate world was an empty one, and after many changes at my last place I worked, where people were quitting left and right, I did a lot of soul searching about where I was going to go next. Fighting all my fears of not working in a “safe,” mucho-bucks position, I quit, and decided to branch out on my own. I accepted a position as an editor, where I could work from home, and also work as a freelance writer, writing for magazines, web sites, and other publications. On the side, I also do freelance copywriting for ad agencies.

I love working at home, my time is my own, and have found my dream. Even though I never wanted to go to college, I’ve always enjoyed taking courses, just for my own personal knowledge and enjoyment. I’ve had courses in psychology, business, computers, art, and others over the years, and still enjoy going when time allows.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: How did you become a writer?

SHARI GERSON: I don’t think one “becomes” a writer, but it’s something you just always do; you grow up having a natural desire to write and love doing it. I always wrote…whether it was notes, in journals, letters, stories, poems, etc., and English class was always my best class. My first real memory of doing something with my writing was at the age of 5 (I was in kindergarten), when they had a writing contest at my elementary school (grades kindergarten thru 6) in New York. There were Norman Rockwell paintings in the hallway and you had to choose one and write a story about it. I chose one where there were young boys running from a lake holding their soaking wet clothes. In the background was a sign that said “no swimming,” or something like that, and they looked like they were in trouble, running from the law or something. I won first prize, which was a trip to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. That was great.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: How did you come to write children’s Ebooks? Could you list and annotate your publications for us, please?

SHARI GERSON: I’ve always loved children’s stories: Charlotte’s Web, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, etc., since I was very small (I’ve always been a voracious reader: 2-3 books a week). I’ve never stopped loving children’s stories and prefer to be with the kids reading and playing than sitting with the adults talking politics at gatherings. The “child within” has always been with me and my love for fantasy and children just led me to write that first (my second love is horror, which I’m writing a horror/suspense novel that any Stephen King fan would love). Anyway, my cat Oliver was my inspiration since he’s been trying to get out of the house since he was a baby (11years). I always wondered what he thought was out there that was so great and that if he ever got out, he’d see that there’s really “no place like home,” and really miss his home. And voila! My story was born.

Also, I’m a published poet and I know kids love a good rhyming story, so that part came easy, too. As far as E-books, I’ve been so busy I never had time to get an agent and submit my story to hardcover publishers. So one day I was on the Internet and saw various Ebook publishers, and on a whim, submitted my story. It was accepted immediately. I still have to make time to find an agent, though, but my work as an editor and writer keeps me very busy and I keep forgetting. As far as publications go, I have a big list of places where I’ve been published. Here’s some, but definitely check out my web site if you want a full listing:



  • C.S. Siclare Graphic Design Studio/Advertising (Cleveland, TN) – copywriter, 1/00-present
  • PowerProse ( – writer, 5/00 – present (35 articles published)
  • BriefMe ( – contributing editor/writer, 5/00-present
  • Sharpman ( – article published – September 2000 issue
  • The Freelancer Magazine ( – article published – July 2000 issue
  • WWIZ Magazine ( – article published – May 2000 Issue
  • Themestream ( – 50 articles published – do “search” for Shari Gerson), 2/00-present
  • Your Own World ( – articles published
  • The Freelance Journal ( – go to “repository”) – articles published
  • The Millenium Group ( – articles published
  • Virtual Serenity ( – articles published
  • Radio Digest ( – Weekly Columnist, 6/99-1/00
  • Many poetry publications and web sites (awards, publications, etc.) – check out my web site for that.


AUTHOR-NETWORK: How do you write, and what physical and software tools do you use?

SHARI GERSON: When you ask “how do you write?”, I assume you’re asking whether it’s on a pad, computer, etc. I use everything. I could be lying down and have an idea and write on the back of magazines, or use a pad, or use the computer. Anything handy is good.

As far as software, I have Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word on my computer. That’s it.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: What is your favorite genre and what benefits (e.g., invigorates the imagination) does it bring to you?

SHARI GERSON: My favorite genre is horror/suspense; I can’t get enough and read 2-3 books a week (plus movies, too). It keeps my brain going fast, and if it’s done right, I can’t wait to turn the next page to find out what’s going to happen. It keeps me stimulated and excited. I also love a good fantasy or sci-fi. All of these take me away to another world and I feel swept away.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: What writers have influenced you the most and how?

SHARI GERSON: I’m not sure of authors (I forget names), but I know their books and which have definitely influenced me. Besides Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul in the genre of horror/suspense (I have all of their books), the writers of children’s fantasy and sci-fi were a huge influence on me when I was small. Reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle, Charlotte’s Web, and the Hobbit, besides A Wrinkle in Time and and the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series all made me love reading, instilling in me a craving for more and wanting to write just like that. I loved being taken to another world or time. To be able to enthrall people with the written word is a dream of mine, and I would love to be able to put out material like those authors did. Maybe some day.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: We currently have hard-copy books and magazines, and we have bookstores and, and now we have epublishers and ezines, in addition to broadcast media. How do you think information and ideas will be transmitted to the consumer in ten years’ time?

SHARI GERSON: I think that hardcover books/magazines will never be done away with. Especially for children. They are very visual and need to see the graphics and pictures when being told a bedtime story at night. And for adults, too, in their way. There’s nothing like laying on the floor, all snug and warm, and curling up with a good book, turning the pages to find out what’s happening next. The library I’ve accumulated over the years (I never throw away a book) is huge, and I love going thru books I haven’t read in a long time and re-reading it.

The electronic form, I think, is and will be a powerful form in years to come, and perhaps video form will follow, where it will be viewed/told in short movie formats. I may be only one of a few that feels like this, but I don’t like being on the computer for long periods of time or every day. I don’t want to do all my shopping, banking, and reading on-line, but enjoy getting out, meeting people, and traveling. I don’t get my information from “viewing,” whether it’s on the Internet or TV. I like reading the paper, a magazine, or a book. I think the danger of doing everything on the Internet, where every move can and will be monitored, is real and will only increase over the years. We will be plugged in digitally 24 hours a day with our TV’s and computers, and it is up to us to not let it take over our lives.

AUTHOR-NETWORK: One last question, please. What is the ideal book to you, Shari?

That’s a tough question. Is there ONE ideal book? Hmmmmm. The “ideal book” to me is one that captures your interest early on, and takes you on a long glorious ride to another time and place. You become enthralled with the story and never want it to end. You get attached to the characters and feel emotions when things happen to them, whether it’s intense sadness when they die, or a contented, warm feeling when everything turns out okay. And the worst/best part: you hate it when you’ve finished the book.

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