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The world of ghostwriting is normally shrouded in mystery; just who are the people that do it, and how do they make their livings?

Andrew Crofts, one of the most successful ghosts in the business has now written a comic novel based on the adventures of a ghostwriter, called Maisie’s Amazing Maids, published by Stratus, the first chapter of which we are able to reproduce here, just to give you a taster.

Andrew has been a full-time ghost for over ten years, working with soap stars and pop stars, foreign billionaires and victims of the white slave trade, gangsters and gurus, courtesans and colonels. Many of his books have become bestsellers.

The hero of Maisie’s Amazing Maids is Joe Tye, a man who is struggling to hold his personal life together when he receives a letter from a girl claiming that her breasts have been stolen and he starts meeting a surprising number of Filipino girls called Doris.

The plot thickens as Joe and a disparate bunch of flat-sharers and ghosting clients set about rescuing the girls, losing Joe’s eight year old son in the process.

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