Horror Resources


HWA - Horror Writers Association
American Society of Journalists and Authors - US leading organization of freelance writers.
Garden State Horror Writers - For Authors of Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy and Other Genres.
The Writers Guild of America - The WGAw represents writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries.
The International Horror Guild - The International Horror Guild (originally the International Horror Critics Guild) was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of Horror and Dark Fantasy.

News and Markets

Hellnotes Newsletter - A weekly newsletter dedicated to the horror professional and horrar fan alike. Breaking news, author profiles, book reviews, market reports, movie news and more.
TTA Press - Here you will find everything you need to know about the magazines The Third Alternative, Crimewave (including Crimewave Specials) and The Fix.
DarkEcho’s Horror Web - This site incorporates all of the content of DarkEcho OMNI Horror, originally produced (1996-1998) professionally under editors Ellen Datlow and Pam Weintraub for OMNI Online (now a static site) as well as most of the original DarkEcho’s Horror Web. Since October of 1998, DarkEcho’s writer/editor has been the literature editor for Universal Studios’ Horror Online, so you will find an extensive index of author features, reviews, and essays produced monthly for that site.


The Diabolical Dominion - prepare yourself for everything you’d ever need to quench your lust for blood and gore.
Really Scary.com - Join the Really Scary mailing list & receive horror industry updates.
Ren’s World of Horror - This site contains horror, sci-fi, thriller and lots more movies in dvd and vhs format, information, reviews, downloads, animated gifs and tons of other stuff.
Alexandria Digital Literature
Arkham Shadows
Crypt Crawl
Darkest Dreams
Darkmoon Publications
Fiction Writer’s Connection
Horror Cards 
Horror Net
Infinity Plus
Little Evil Things
Masters of Terror
The Monster Club The ShadowLands
The Spicy Green Iguana
Twilight Tales
Twilight Terrors
Vampire and Goth links


Evil Tales: is the internet’s newest ‘zine of unrestrained horror. We are currently seeking original, inventive, literary quality horror. Stories should be shocking, envelope-burning, engaging entertainment.
Alternate Realities
Cold Print Archive
Dark Planet
Death Grip
Event Horizon
The Little Read Writer’s Hood
Sinister Element
3AM Magazine
Three-lobed Burning Eye


Damien Ashton - Category: Horror. Author. Malevolent Minds. The Official Web Presence of horror author Damien Ashton. Site includes archived interviews, contests, links, exclusive content, tons of links, artwork, & much more.


Random House
Tor Books
Del Rey Books
Baen Books
White Wolf

Small Presses

DarkTales Publishing
Deadline Press
Delirium Books
Four Walls – Eight Windows
Anamnesis Press
Dark Highway Press
Gauntlet Press
Legion Press
Lone Wolf Publications
Subterranean Press
Transylvania Press
Necronomicon Press
Overlook Connection Press
Wildside Press

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