Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Author of This is the Place

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing
By Tom and Marilyn Ross
Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, Ohio
ISBN: 1-58297-091-2

As a writer working from home, I found Millie Szerman’s guide book on how to work out of one’s home full of how-tos and what-ifs that gave even an old hack like me a few new ideas about how to organize, how to maintain my sanity.

A View from the Tub would be equally useful for someone who is considering starting a home-based business.

I appreciated the chapter on “how to tune up your one-man band.” The poet in me loved the “eating an elephant” metaphor as a way to multitask. The way the author addresses “the loneliness factor” was especially useful for someone who had convinced herself that she loves working without a soul in the room. What it all adds up to is that this author/publicist has not just researched the subject but has lived it.

A View From the Tub includes a checklist, case studies, a resource section, a place to take notes and quotes from the likes of Ben Franklin and Ann Landers. It is a great book for “home study” – sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun.

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