Women on Writing: From Inspiration to Publication – reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Women on Writing:
From Inspiration to Publication
The McConnell Group, 2002
ISBN: 0971477507- Trade Paperback
139 pages

“Women on Writing” is not a “you’ll-find-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about” kind of book. Instead, writers and those interested in becoming one will find a delightful assortment of articles that share experience (check out “Late Night Thoughts on Editing and Writing” by Elisabeth Laden) to bright and brief gems of grammar instruction (see “What Words Do I Capitalize in a Title?” by Tina Blue.) Some readers won’t like the pages used to promote the sponsoring National Association of Women Writers (NAWW); if you should be one of those, just skip the first few pages of the book for what comes after is well worth the trouble.

For those who fear skimming ’cause they might miss a scrap of useful information, I’d suggest not only reading these pages but taking notes as well. You’ll find websites for writers with experience; one of those writers might be willing to contribute a quote for the back of your book. You’ll find the names of other books that may be useful to your writing career; see Mary Jo Wehniainen’s comments on page 5. She’s the author of “The Virtual Success Coach.” In other words, a sharp-eyed reader will find something to use, something to remember, on virtually every page of “Women on Writing,” top to bottom, front to back.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is a columnist for The Pasadena Star News and Home Decor Buyer. You can find more about her first novel, This is the Place, and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered at www.tlt.com/authors/carolynhowardjohnson.htm. The novel has been called “…fabulous…” by Valerie Susan Hayward, Consultant and former Senior Editor at Halequin/Silhouette. .


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