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Nomad Press is a royalty-based publisher actively seeking manuscript submissions. We publish non-fiction, how-to, sports, parenting, memoir, and other topics–if the manuscript is good, we will consider it. We do not publish technical manuals, cookbooks, fiction, or children’s books at this time. Please send complete manuscript (no queries and no simultaneous submissions) to: Acquisitions Editor, Nomad Press, PO Box 875 Norwich, VT 05055. We respond to submissions within 1-2 months. We will return manuscripts only if SASE with proper postage is included. Please do not send original artwork with manuscripts. For more information, go to

Macmillan Publishers
Bantam Doubleday Dell
Simon & Schuster
Random House
Coach House Books
Amherst Media Books



Online Publishers


OverDrive Press
‘Provides a wide spectrum of options for your publishing needs.’ They require no money to be contributed by the author. Royalties are calculated as a percentage of net revenues. Take a look at their bookstore.

They offer a variety of download and purchase options; they even have an associates program.

A good site, which allows readers access to the first half of a book, and if they like what they see they can pay a fee to download the remainder. According to the publishing agreement, royalties are calculated on the number of ‘remainders’ sold.

This site offers a number of ‘free books’ to download. It has a tendency to accept any new work, as long as it is properly formatted. The publication agreement offers authors a 35% royalty if any books are actually sold.

Online Originals
This Web site is the home of the Booker Prize nominated e-book, ‘The Angels of Russia’ by Patricia le Roy, an English novelist. It is also the home of a number of other on-line titles that have received good reviews in The Times Literary Supplement. Not only that but they also offer the unique ability to receive the file in a format readable by 3Com’s Palm Pilot, making the concept of the e-books into a truly portable commodity. One title a month is offered for free download. Check out the site for their editorial policy.

1st Books
Another large e-publisher. However it only publishes books for free if they have been published before; unpublished authors can pay up to$ 500. The author however, does receive the full profit on the book till their costs are recovered, followed by a 40% royalty.

Hard Shell Word Factory
Hard Shell Word Factory is a royalty paying publisher of works for sale in electronic format from our site as downloads or disks-in-the-mail, as well as mail order. They don’t offer advances, but their royalties (paid quarterly) are much higher than those offered by traditional publishers.


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