An Interview with Robert Bakke


Can you tell us a little about yourself, your background and writing career? At age 19, I had a man introduce me to the Bible, and the teachings that, “All things are possible.” I decided to believe him. By age 24, I was running a multi-million dollar company. Today, I am a jet captain, a black belt, an aerobatic flight instructor, ski instructor, race car driver, public speaker and businessman. From the beginning of my journey, I began taking notes on what I was learning about the blood, sweat and tears of human potential. Those notes are what would later become the book I have now released.

What genre do you write?

I write from the canvas of “personal experience” which is what most people say, separates my writing and speaking from other writers and speakers. In my words, there is no “hype” and no “myth.” The words that come out of my mouth are based on truth, fact, and hard fought personal experience.

What work(s) are you best known for? Could you please tell us about them?

What I am best known for are the speaking lectures I have performed. People want to know that they are capable of achieving the life they envision for themselves and for their families… that they can “withstand” tough times and rise up as proud Americans. Our country is desperately thirsty for patriotism, and for God…the very things the “politically correct” are trying to remove. But keep in mind, it was the Bible that first taught that, “All things are possible.” Also keep in mind that the Bible was intended to be the primary textbook in our schools…(shhhhh…don’t tell anyone!). You can however, Google this. The last thing we need is for our children to believe they can achieve anything! Pardon the sarcasm… We did go to the moon though, right?

Can you tell us if you are working on a new project and what your goals for the future?

I am currently working on new book entitled, “Winning is Not a Sin!” My goals all revolve around restoring the pride in being an American, re-establishing the intent of our Founding Fathers, and saving our country, one American dream at a time. “Prosperity is not a sin. It is a God-given right!”

How did you start writing?

My writing began by taking notes on what I was learning as I embarked upon my journeys. For instance, I was the skinniest kid in high school…picked last for gym class almost every day. When I began my (unlikely) quest for a Black Belt, I began learning new things about myself and my potential, which became lessons that I could share with others to help them in their own journeys. Today, my teachings have set countless people free from the shackles of mediocrity.

How do you write? (That is, where do you get your ideas, do you write in an office at home, do you write full time or do you have a fulltime job other than writing?)

I write by putting ideas, thoughts and lessons learned, directly onto paper. What I mean by this is, I have note pads everywhere…in my car, in my living room and next to my bed. As thoughts, lessons and ideas come into my thinking, I get them down on paper, immediately. If you don’t get your thoughts on paper right away, the thoughts will drift off and be lost.

Do you attend workshops and seminars to hone your writing skills?

No, I don’t. I’ve always felt workshops were for storytellers who were using their imaginations to generate something that was enjoyable to read. I have always based my writing on personal experience… personal journeys, which most people tell me comes through with great passion and pureness in both my writing and speaking. “I tell it like it is.” The minute I accept coaching, I begin telling it like someone else would tell it…someone who “hasn’t done it themselves.” So, the minute I do that, my messages become slanted with someone else’s thoughts and feelings, ultimately taking away from the passion of my messages.

What themes do you pursue in your writing? What are your concerns?

Everything I do is built around inspiration, motivation and helping people to believe in their talents and abilities. I have a tremendous concern that as we take God out of our country we lose our ability to achieve, to lead, and to win, ultimately making our country less significant on the world stage, and more vulnerable to attack by other countries. We MUST return to the course laid out for us our Founding Fathers.

What is the goal of your writing?

To put America back on a course to keep it the finest country in the world, one person, one family, one America Dream at a time. The United States was built upon a God who taught us we could achieve all things. Tonight, go outside and look up to the moon. Understand what it is you are looking at. Then remember, only one county’s flag stands proud on it’s surface… the flag of the United States of America. PROMISE ME that you… YOU (ya, you…reading this right now…) will do this, tonight. Go outside and look up to the moon, and in doing so, it will reset your perspective on our country.

Do you have any useful tips you might offer other up-and-coming writers?

Yes. If you want to write something that truly matters, put down your pen, turn off your computer, and go out and live what it is you are wanting to write about, first.

Have you chosen to e-publish any of your work? Was there any particular reason for this and would you recommend e-publishing to other writers?

Yes, my book is available as an e-book. It is available at my web site.

Have you won any awards for your work? If so, which ones?

No. Not yet. I said, “yet.” (We all must remain confident!!)

What do you read?

Anything written by successful people. If you are interested in taking a journey, whatever it is, find books written by those who have succeeded at the journey you are wanting to take. You NEED these people! The sad reality is, if you rely on people trapped in the box of mediocrity to encourage and support you, they won’t. They don’t know how to… it is why they are trapped where they are. These people are also the folks that will laugh and discourage you. If you want to win, spend time around those that have.

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