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AUTHOR NETWORK: Could you tell us about yourself — where you live, where you grew up, etc.?

SHAUNA: I live in a suburb on the Southwest side of Chicago. I am both a musician and a writer, though I have recently been concentrating more on music than writing.

AUTHOR NETWORK: How did you become a poet, Shauna?

SHAUNA: I starting writing poems as a child. As I got older the poetry, which was quite bad at one time, got better. I suppose I started writing poetry because I love the beauty of the written word.

AUTHOR NETWORK: What happens to your poems — do they get read? published?

SHAUNA: My focus lately has been on music so my poetry has been temporarily put to the side. If you consider lyrics poetry I still do that when I write new songs, but my lyrics, which are usually to rock/alternative songs, are nothing like my poetry. In the past I have been published in both professional and semiprofessional publications. I usually do genre poetry like science fiction, dark fantasy or romance.

AUTHOR NETWORK: Do you have a poem we could publish to give our readers an example of your work?



My strength is blighted cords of death entangle me coiling about me beckoning subversion screaming my name in blasphemous impetuosity and I cry out for peace Peace, rest in peace where angels sing and demons of frothing foam –fear to tread their terror of me is mutual a gnashing, gnawing, repulsion shielded by the wings of God

–Shauna Skye

AUTHOR NETWORK: How do you create a poem?

SHAUNA: That depends on the kind of poetry I’m doing. Often I am inspired by classic style poetry which I find more challenging to write than some of the popular free verse being published. I like both styles though. I create a poem by sitting down and deliberately writing one. To me writing poetry is like painting with words.

AUTHOR NETWORK: Can you give us a summary of your philosophy of life, in a paragraph?

SHAUNA: I believe we are created by God, and that God has a purpose for each of us. This life is like the blink of an eye compared to eternity, though it certainly seems long to me!

Shauna Skye is the former editor of Moonletters Magazine. She has had fiction, poetry, and articles published in both pro and semi-pro publications such as Absolute Magnitude, Dreams of Decadence, The Darker Woods, Outer Darkness, Freezerburn Magazine, Talebones, Strictly Romance, and more.

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