An Interview with Tonya Ramagos


Author of teen romances and mysteries for adults

AN: Could you give us some background on you? Born where, grew up where, educated where, married, children, etc.

TONYA: I was born in Ocean Springs, MS, where I have lived most of my life. My high school years were spent in a little town called Berwick, LA until my senior year when I returned to Ocean Springs to graduate and put down stakes. I am married to a wonderful husband and firefighter and have 2 children, both boys.

AN: How do you come to be writing romances and adult fiction?

TONYA: I’ve been writing young adult romances since I was in junior high school but my first wasn’t published until June of 1999. While I love to write romances there has always been a part of me that wanted to write mysteries as well but all the mystery ideas I could come up with involved adult characters and lifestyles instead of young adult. Finally I decided to try one of my mystery ideas and dabble in the adult market. My first mystery, “Murderous Greed,” was published in April of 2000 and has now spawned into a series featuring investigative reporter Lindsey Dyson.

AN: Is there a single story or novel that you’re known for?

TONYA: That’s hard to say. Speaking of my teen titles, I think I’ve had the most response from my first two titles that were published, “The Feud,” (now a teen series), and “Obstacles of Love.” The Lindsey Dyson Mystery Series also seems to be becoming well known as well.

AN: What is your philosophy of the romance?

TONYA: I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliché “money makes the world go round,” well I think it’s romance that makes the world turn. Everyone loves a taste of romance in their lives whether they want to admit it or not, especially teens. Discovering boys or girls, having a girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time, it’s all a part of growing up and, for most, makes up just as much of the teen years as going to school and hanging out with friends.

AN: Are you working on something right now?

TONYA: I have several projects in the works at the moment. One, titled “When Life Falls Apart,” will be the third book in the teen series of the Morris Sisters. I’m also working on a forth book to the Lindsey Dyson Mysteries and another mystery that might spawn an all new series.

AN: How long have you had your site, and what’s the idea behind it?

TONYA: I built my website a few month after my first book was published. I have one area set aside for teens and one set aside for adults along with a page that I call the entrance to my different worlds. It’s a place for me to showcase all of my works, give readers more information about them then what’s on the publisher’s website, and to tell people more about me. I also try to help other authors promote their works by featuring an author of the month and offering some other ways that I can help them get the word about their work out there.

AN: Have you had good response from it?

TONYA: Yes, I get e-mails from visitors telling me how much they enjoy the site and it seems to have boosted my sales too.

AN: What are your overall goals in writing?

TONYA: To entertain. I write for the self satisfaction of it, not to make a million bucks although that would be nice as well.For me writing is a joy, a chance to share my thoughts and ideas with others. As long as I can continue to provide enjoyment to my readers I will be happy.

AN: Could you please list your main works, and tell us how to obtain them?

TONYA: Through March 31st one of my publishers,, is offering four of my teen titles in a special 2 for 1 sale. The titles include “Disaster Strikes,” “Secret Admirer,” “Forgive or Forget,” and “Changes.” The Lindsey Dyson Mystery Series including “Murderous Greed,” “The Mystery Club,” and “Dying for Charisma,” is also available at and in trade paperback from Xlibris and all bookstores.

Interview conducted by Paul Saevig

Tonya Ramagos A.K.A. Calley Moore
Author of teen romances and mysteries for adults



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