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Author: Sharleen Johnson
Title: Whispers in the Mist
Publisher: Clocktower Fiction
Description: A sizzling love story set against a backdrop of murder and intrigue
Bio: Sharleen lives in Ooltewah, TN with her husband and their Norwich Terrier, Tiger. She has an historical mystery due out soon from RFI-West entitled Thrillwind.
Links: www.geocities.com/sharleenjohnson


Author: J. B. Jones
Title: Cousin Feely (cover by Mike Noel)
Category/genre: General Fiction – Eppie 2002 Finalist
Publisher: double-dragon-ebooks.com
Description: On the occasion of his son’s college graduation, Bob Skinner Junior looks back to his youth in a small Ohio town when he aspired to become a high school football star and to marry the girl of his dreams. However, his family-appointed job of bodyguard to his dwarf, football-hating cousin, William, changed the course of his life and the destiny of an entire small town. This is a novel for mature readers. There are a few dirty words, immoral behavior, and some violence, but good triumphs over evil in the end. There is also much humor.
Bio: J. B. Jones grew up in a small Ohio town near the Miami and Erie Canal. As a child, Jones loved walking along the towpath and imaging what it was like during canal days. The history of the canal, small-town life in a farming community, and growing up in the 50s inspired the story of Cousin Feely. A full-time freelance writer, Jones lives in Michigan and loves history, nature, gardening (and football).
Links: www.double-dragon-ebooks.com


Author: Diana Kirk
Title: A Caduceus is for Killing (2000 EPPIE Winner Best Thriller)
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Description: When Dr. Andrea Pearson, an AIDS researcher, finds Dr. Milton Grafton mutilated and brutally murdered, she begins a descent into the bizarre that threatens her academic appointment, and ultimately her life.
Bio: Diana Kirk was voted Best Author on the Internet in the 1999 Preditors & Editors Poll. In November of 2000, Kirkle was a featured author in Writers Digest Publishing Successes. Her books have received rave reviews, awards, and have been published in electronic, audio, and print formats.
Links: www.eclectics.com/dianakirk/



Author: Michael LaRocca
Title: Rising from the Ashes
Publisher: Novel Books Inc
Price: $ 5.50 download /$ 13.50 paperback
ISBN 1-59105-085-5 paperback/ 1-59105-060-X ebook
Genre: Memoirs / Women’s Fiction Publication Date: December 9, 2002


Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene
Title: Still the One
Publisher: Awe-Struck E Books
Description: A doctor returns to her small hometown to confront the tragedy of her infant daughter’s death, the loss of her marriage, and to learn to love again.
Bio: Joyce and Jim Lavene have written forty novels in print and electronic format. They live in North Carolina, USA with their three children and two grandchildren.
Links: www.awe-struck.net


Author: Carla Ledbetter
Title: Blue Moon
Category/genre: Horror/suspense, romance, ghost/paranormal
Publisher: DLSIJ Press 
Description: Mary Corbett’s calm, orderly existence is shattered the moment she sets foot on an old, run-down Louisiana plantation. Even though she’s never been there before, she recalls details about the house that only someone who actually lived in it would know.
Bio: Having been born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I am no stranger to plantation homes, voodoo parctitioners and a love of the Louisiana bayous. Although I no longer live in Louisiana, it remains a very large part of who I am and the way I view the world around me. My life centers around my husband, my child, a very spoiled Boxer puppy and two truly unique cats — (one of whom is the real master of the Ledbetter household). I can honestly say that life in our house is NEVER dull!
Links: www.crosswinds.net/~stormcreations/cdledbetter/


Author: Marilyn Lee
Title: A Thing Called Love
Publisher: renebooks.com 
Description: Jamie Hanna has problems: she’s the only black female detective in her department, her partner has been killed during an unsanctioned stakeout, and thanks to Dan Janson, the editor of the local paper, she’s the chief suspect. The last thing she expects, as she sets out to clear her name, is to find herself fighting an overwhelming mutual attraction to the blond, blue-eyed Janson. Is it safe to surrender to their desire with the killer now on their trail?
Bio: Marilyn Lee lives, works, and writes on the East coast. In addition to writing, she enjoy traveling, roller-skating, spending time with her family, and hearing from readers. Email her at Mlee2057@AOL.com
Links: http://members.aol.com/Mlee2057/MLee.htm


Author: Mary Lynn
Title: Where You Find It
Publisher: Saxco Publishing
Description: Jen’s young daughter is determined to fix her up with Mick, her “old” friend from the park. To Jen’s surprise, Mick turns out to be young, attractive, interested in her, and white. He’s also the man who’s been haunting her thoughts since a chance meeting on a train. Although Mick’s pursuit leaves Jen longing to surrender to him, she’s certain he’s not interested in a serious relationship with a black woman. It’s up to Mick to change her mind.
Bio: Mary Lynn has always wanted to be a writer. On the way to accomplishing that goal, she’s written and sold poetry, short stories, and articles. While those sales were satisfying, her ultimate goal has always been to write and sell romantic fiction. She currently has several romance novels available; some as ebooks; some paperbacks.
Links: members.aol.com/MaryL2057/MaryLynn.htm

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