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Author: Betty Jo Schuler
Title: Winning Chance
Category/genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Wordbeams
Description: Lori Hayes never takes chances, but when someone enters her in a Dream Contest and she’s matched with hunk Chance Dawson, she’s ready to gamble on love. Chance, who leaves nothing to chance, has a Life Plan, and a house is the next step, then a wife. Lori who’s just starting to live it up and doesn’t trust handsome men, doesn’t want to settle down but she needs a car. The Grand Prize is a Dream Home or a pair of sports cars. Add to this explosive mix the fact they’ve unknowingly met before, and sparks fly.
Bio: Betty Jo Schuler writes for adults, teens, and children. She’s had 3 books print-published, 8 e-published, and has 3 more e-books contracted. A former elementary teacher and freelance nutrition writer, she now pursues fiction full time at her home in southeast Indiana where she lives with her husband of twenty-five years.
Links: home.webworks2000.net/bschuler/bettyjo.html


Author: Catherine Snodgrass
Title: A Simple Choice
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Category: Historical Romance – Novella
Description: The dead lay on a battlefield near Ellen Bidwell’s Southern home. She makes a simple choice to notify the families on both sides their men are gone. Union Captain McNamara happens upon her. His choice is simple, too-help her, never realizing the building attraction he feels is for naught when she finds her fiancée a prisoner in his hospital. Now there is another choice-help them escape or turn them both in?
Publication: Ebook, February 2003, ISBN 1-59279-072-0
Links: Author website: www.catherinesnodgrass.com
Author email: catherine@catherinesnodgrass.com


Author: Christine Spindler
Title: Faces of Fear
Publisher: Avid Press
Description: Inspector Terry, London’s cutest detective, is chasing a serial killer who plays lethal games with his victims’ fears.
Bio: Christine Spindler is totally smitten with London, that’s why she set her mystery series there. The foreign rights of the first Inspector Terry Mystery, “The Rhythm of Revenge”, were sold to a German publisher.
Links: www.christinespindler.com



Author: Dorothy Thompson
Title: No More Gooseberry Pie
Publisher: Writers-exchange E-Publishing 
Description: No More Gooseberry Pie! is a delightful story which utilizes fantasy and descriptive youth-oriented language to teach young readers the importance of telling the truth. It is the story of a little peasant boy who loves gooseberry pies. Because he has eaten too many pies, he dreams he is in the “Land of Tall Tales”, where children go when they tell one too many tall tales. It is there that he discovers it was wrong for him to tell lies and with the help of his imaginary friend, tries to escape the wrath of Mighty King Diplodocous, the “meanest, ugliest, dinosaur in all the land”. “No More Gooseberry Pie!” will enchant children and adults alike.
Bio: Dorothy Thompson is a freelance writer and editor of The Writer’s Life, an online interactive writing and resource site. She has been published in many online and print magagazines and has been writing for children for thirteen years. She is currently working on another children’s book, as well as a non-fiction novel.
Links: The Writer’s Life



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