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Author: Alex Domokos with Rita Y. Toews
Title: The Price of Freedom
Description: Captured by the Russians at the end of World War II, Alex Domokos spent six years as a slave labourer in the Soviet Union rebuilding the ravages of war. Upon his release, distrusted by the puppet communist regime in Budapest, he was condemned to internal exile within his native Hungary. The revolution of 1956 at last provided a window of opportunity to flee to freedom but he and his wife had to leave their three-year-old daughter behind. It would be another 6 years before the family was reunited in Canada.
Bio: Mr. Domokos is Mr. Domokos is a versatile author of short stories, plays, novels, essays and poems, as well as an accomplished sculptor, photographer and cinematographer. He currently has five books in publication in his native Hungary. His novel “The Price of Freedom” has won both a Clara Award and an Eppie award.
Links: http://www.adomokos.homestead.com





Author: Annette Gisby
Title: Writing the Dream
Description: Part autobiographical, part how-to, Writing the Dream is a guide for authors and aspiring authors alike. It includes details of the author’s different publishing experiences and promotional efforts, what works and what doesn’t. Get to the answers to all the questions you wanted to know about writing and publishing a book but were afraid to ask. What should you look out for before you sign that contract? How do you tell if your publisher is doing their best for you? How can you promote your book on a budget? Can I self-publish my own book? Find out the answers to these and more. Write your own dream.
BIO: Annette Gisby grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland, moving to London when she was seventeen. Her first novel, Silent Screams, is due out later this year with Crystal Dreams. She has had numerous articles and stories published. Two of her short stories appear in the sci-fi anthology Alient Light, edited by Paul Huges and Carl Rafala. Another one of her stories has been selected to appear in the Romancing the Soul anthology also due out later this year. Annette is also the editor of the Twisted Tales webzine, which has book reviews, author features, stories and poetry. She is the assistant manager of NUW (Not the Uusal Way)an online support group for independent writers and she is also a co-host/forum moderator at the writersbbs.com
Links: www.annettegisby.n3.net



Author: Diana Hayden
Title: The UK Directory of Writers’ Circles 2001
Description: The Directory lists over 1,000 writers’ circles in the UK. It includes contact names, addresses, and phone numbers; email and URLs; details of meeting time and place; groups’ aims and aspirations, competitions, and any anthologies they publish.
Bio: Diana runs her own website which provides a platform for writers’ circles around the world, including the opportunity for these circles to have their own free pages to promote their organisations
Links: www.writers-circles.com










Author: Don Pendleton
Title: A Search for Meaning from the Surface of a Small Planet
Category/genre: Philosophy/Science
Publisher: Mystic- Ink
Description: Don Pendleton has put together an inspirational and dramatic exploration of the sciences, religions, and philosophies of mankind, employing both prose and poetry. His approach is both sober and lighthearted, sometimes awed and sometimes irreverent (toward science and religion), but intensely rational, stretching and pressing toward a wedding of scientific understanding and mystical thought.
Bio: Don Pendleton (1927-1995) published more than 125 print books in his long career. A former aerospace engineer, a metaphysical scholar throughout his life, novelist and nonfiction author, he had strong interests in the sciences and metaphysics. His writings, both fiction and nonfiction, have had a metaphysical flavor. He considered his internationally popular Executioner series of action/adventure novels to be a study in the metaphysics of violence.
Links: www.donpendleton.com













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