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Script Consultants - First Line Scriptwriting Services offers both individual and business scriptwriting solutions. - Affordable editing and critiquing services for screenplays and books. - Industry professional provides personal screenwriting assistance and answers weekly e-mails. A humorous look at screenwriting and the business through cartoons.

Brett Howard Nelson - Screenwriter/Actor/Story Consultant – Screenwriting services. Offering “Coverage” to “Script Adaptations of Novels.”

Cover Script: Before submitting your screenplay or TV Script, increase your chance of success, as others have, by using my script analysis/consultation service. Gain from my Industry experience at reasonable rates. Also view Suggestions to the Screenwriter and many links to writing and film resources. Free resources for screenwriters. Free advice. Over 100 screenplay writing articles. Formatting templater. Screenwriting book ‘It’s All About the Story’. Hosted by award-winning screen and television writer/producer Barry Pearson.

Chicagoland Scriptworks: Chicagoland Scriptworks is an individually maintained and operated screenplay coverage and analysis service dedicated to personal, professional advice for writers everywhere. Monthly contest and discounts to students.

Hollywood Script Analysis: Professional coverage for your screenplay. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE THAT YOUR MOVIE WILL BE MADE…But We Can Help You To Send Out A Script That Will Make It Past The First Round Of Readers – The People Who Can Only Say “No” – And Into The Hands Of The People Who Can Actually Say “Yes”.

Break into Screenwriting: Script Marketing Advice. A game plan for creative writers to get their stories and scripts read and recommended to the movies. The site offers interviews with film pros, script market tips, articles, tutorials, and Hollywood insider information from an experienced LA screenwriter. Email: Lenore Wright.
ScriptDoctor911 - Aubrey M. Horton (MFA, UCLA film school) offers in-depth feedback on screenplays. He’s worked with four writers who’ve won national competitions. He’s also edited writers who’ve garnered agents and option deals…and some have generated six-figure incomes.

Dave Trottier - Home of the Screenwriting Center–free screenwriting information, consulting services, and courses. Also, official site of Trottier Productions–film production, writing services, and publishing.

Richwood Script Consultants - Screenplays, scripts, pitches and stories need Blair Richwood’s confidential analysis and creative notes for fast improvement. We help writers, directors and producers sell their scripts and pitches – call 310-821-4458….

Screenwriters Studio - Professional film script, screenwriting & screenplay analysis, indepth feedback for screenwriters by top industry readers & producers

The First Draft Doctor - Free Scriptwriting Advice, Professional Screenplay Analysis.r

A Hollywood Script Consultant - American script-reading service which also offers online articles and advice.

Script Zone - You may not want to pay to have your own script analysed, but you may find it useful to look at a detailed online example and see - Presenting fresh script writing talent to film production companies.



Competitions & Awards

The Cinema 100 competition - Writing a film script.

Claddagh Films Annual Script Awards - Claddagh Films Aughinish (near Kinvara) County Clare, Ireland. Email: Tel: +353 65 7078077. Claddagh Films Annual Script Awards As part of Claddagh Films’ efforts to promote short film scriptwriting as an art form.



Writing Groups & Courses

The New School Screenwriting - Students can take screenwriting courses toward a Certificate in Screenwriting, for undergraduate credit, or on a non-credit basis. Upon completing the core sequence of screenwriting courses, students have a comprehensive grounding in story, character, theme, action, visuals, and dialogue, as they have been carefully guided through the entire screenplay writing process.

The Screenwriters Workshop - Educational charity that runs regular courses, workshops and events and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Eurosript - A media project of the EU to advnace European scriptwriting in the form of distance training that develops scripts. Suppors writers’ groups and runs 2 film story competitions twice a year.

South Manchester writers’ workshop - Creative writing – support and criticism for all types of writer, plus original writing on the web.

New York Film Academy - Film school offering hands-on workshops in which students write, direct, shoot and edit their own films.

Creative Writing Course - A weekly gossip, talk and writing shop that takes writers from the spoken word right through to a published book. This course has published six best-selling books.

Writing & Journalism - Writing & Journalism Course Co-ordinator: Jennifer Bailey, BA,MA, PhD Note: good written and spoken English is required for all these courses. All these courses offer a range of approaches to learning how to write creatively for a wide variety of markets.

Mind, Body And Spirit - Vegetarian Cooking And Creative Writing Courses In Devon And France; current courses and plans for courses next year.

Creative Writing at Lancaster University - Undergraduate courses MA in Creative Writing Graduates’ publications Visiting writers MA by Distance Learning Staff…

Script Writing - Allanson Video Productions can write the script for any type of video production.

Raindance courses - Weekend Masterclasses – Write the Hot Script. £195 + VAT Jan 20/21, Apr 28/29 2001 Discover the secrets of creating and building a successful screenplay. A hot script is the quickest way into the film industry.

Holley Warren Partnership - e-learning, business writing courses, report writing, letter writing, technical writing, copywriting. Communication and training specialists for personal and business development.



How to Write & Formating

Book Excerpts - Book excerpts on screenwriting, script writing, and creative writing by top selling authors. From The Writers Store.

The Online Communicator - Writing for Film. Information and unique resources for professional feature film screenwriters and anybody interested in movies, screenplays, etc. Don’t miss ‘Famous Last Words’.

SW – Virtual Screenwriter Digest - Writing a Treatment..

Writing Radio Drama - Principles of writing radio drama.

Script Layout - Hot News/Eejit’s Guide to Film-Making/10 Minute Film School/Contacts & Resources/Discussion Forum.

Plots Unlimited - For the Writer of Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Screenplays and Television Episodes.

Screenwriting/Script Writing - Supermarket for screenwriting, script writing, creative writing software, audio books, tapes, and classes for writers and film production. Free eZine, toll free phone, walk-in LA location, and secure web.

500 Ways to Beat the Hollywood Script Reader - Writing the Screenplay the Reader Will Recommend by Jennifer Lerch.



Societies & Organisations

DCMS Writing Society - The reality of print journalism.



Resources Download sample scripts and their coverage, or post your own works and sell “viewing licenses” to your scripts.

Creative Script Services - Got a script? Want to make a movie? Looking for an agent or representation? CSS is looking for scripts and screenplays to make into movies and TV Shows.

Marty’s Web Pages: Writing - UK Scriptwriting mailing list. It’s an unmoderated forum for established and aspiring writers.

Austin Script Works - exists to support dramatic writers by providing opportunities at all stages in the writing process – from inception through production.

Southwest Scriptwriters - Southwest Scriptwriters: BBC: Writing Drama For the BBC.

Scriptiverse - A resource for budding screenwriters. Services include a Spec Script Marketplace, where you can list a synopsis of your script for perusal by Hollywood production companies.

The Traverse Theatre - The Traverse aims to nurture, develop and produce the work of contemporary Scottish and International playwrights to the highest possible standards. To this end the company commissions new writers from Scotland and around the world.

Scriptwriting Secrets - Secrets of successful scriptwriting and screenwriting. Screenplay and script writing tools and resources. Scriptware, ScriptThing, Scriptwriter, Screenwriter, Final Draft, Movie Magic and Movie Master users read this.

Screenwriting software - A screenwriting software and screenwriters resource, – The finest screenwriting software for screenwriters from Final Draft to Dramatica Pro.

The Screenwriter’s Workshop - screenwriter’s workshop for beginners and experienced screenwriter’s alike. Submit your works in progress for peer critique.

Scriptshark - ScriptShark is comprised of studio and development executives currently searching for new talent and material.

Playwriting Seminars Introduction - The Playwriting Seminars Introduction An Opinionated Web Companion on the Art & Craft of Playwriting.

Scriptwriting Software - Scriptware scriptwriting software, for writing scripts faster and easier than ever. Screenplay software forscript writers. The screenwriting software choice of screenwriters on over 70 TV shows and dozens of movies.

Creative Screenwriting - Screenwriting interviews, articles, news, classifieds and much more.

The Script Company - The Script Company, Where Talent Meets Success. Post your screenplay online and get discovered by Hollywood. Serious screenwriters can finally get their big break.

Scriptdude Co. - The screenwriter and filmmaker online software source.

Writing for the web - including objecivity and bias. Good writing for the web is closer to a radio script than to a magazine article, often using an informal, personal style.




Script Magazine - The Screenwriter’s Magazine covers the craft and business of writing for film. Online community featuring a free ezine, discussion boards, chat events, links, books, news, and resources for screenwriters.

Scenario - Scenario, The Magazine of Screenwriting Art publishes complete screenplays of the finest classic and contemporary films (3 per issue) plus interviews with screenwriters and illuminating articles about screenwriting.

The Screenwriter’s Guide to Making It - The New York Screenwriter Monthly, Gotham City’s Guide to Making It! Is a screenwriters’ essential featuring interviews with successful screenwriters, agents and producers.

Word On Fiction - An Ezine for Freelance Creative Writing. Browse An Online Creative Writing Course, Enter A Writing Contest, Or Learn How To Write A Science Fiction, Fantasy, Or Horror Novels.




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