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Sci-Fi Writers of Christianity Short Story Contest - Science Fiction and Fantasy media from a Christian worldview.
Red Writing Hood Quarterly Short Story Contest.
Short Story Competition - Short Stories/Novels/Articles/Small Press/Poetry/Critique & Editing/Mini Courses.
Literary Contests and Markets – - This topic will show writers where to submit the work. Whether it be a paying market, nonpaying market or a contest online or off. They will also learn the how to’s of submitting their work from query letter to agents….
WritersBlok - A site for writers resources, short story contest ($1000 1st Prize). Writers Markets Writer’s Resources.


Writing the Short Story

Literature: What Makes A Good Short Story? - learn about the elements of a good short story using “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell as a case study.
Judith Kelmans’s Writers’ Room - designed to answer the questions and quandaries of aspiring authors.
Hints for Writers: An On-Line Fiction Tutorial - tips on fiction writing and the writing life from author Greg Garrett.
Plot - an analysis of how plot works, by Damon Knight.
Pure Fiction - best selling novels and how to write them, with tips, interviews, and a writers’ showcase.
StoryTellers Challenge - writing challenge site. One example is: Given three objects, write a story’s beginning, or submit an update to an existing story.
Student Land: Writers’ Word - anthology of essays about writing, including texts by Poe, Pascal, Orwell, Rilke, and Eliot.
Literature: What Makes A Good Short Story? - learn about the elements of a good short story using “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell as a case study.
Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing! - essays by a script consultant that explore principles of storytelling by reviewing popular movies, books, and plays. - digitalhorror short story / new writing / creative writing / short story writing approaches its apex at digitalhorror.
Characteristics of the Short Story - Characteristics of the Short Story.
Short Story Writing Tips - Writing Tips Reprinted with permission from Foreword Magazine: The Secretary, Susan Green Foreword Magazines Park Terrace Courtyard Park Terrace East Horsham West Sussex RH13 5DJ.
The Richmond Review - Library Features/Book Reviews/Noir & Crime Film/ Booktrade News. - horror fiction magazines colour cover horror dead things magazines fiction short stories competitions articles interviews. - Notes for writers on: Writing Drama for BBC Radio. A complete copy of the BBC’s own guidelines on submissions.




Short Story Writers’ Showcase - Short Story Writers Showcase A monthly publication of genre short fiction. - Short story site and e-zine. This site has links to many other great short story websites on its Award page. - Short story writers showcase. A monthly publication of genre fiction. This site also features an e-zine, and it is a must see for serious writers.



Writers’ Groups & Courses

The Writing Web - This club is about writing, here you are going to be able to share your work with others by posting it on the message boards.
One of Us One Of Us – offers writing tips, news, and resources. Read and submit short stories.
Monday Night Group - writers’ group within Commonword. Open to all writers of poetry, short stories, novels, etc in the Manchester area who want constructive feedback about their work.
New Fiction Project The – non-profit organisation contributing to the advancement of outstanding literary talent. The project hosts an international short story and a visual arts contest and award.
Last Words - A Short Story Workshop – submit any stories that you may have written, comment on other stories, or read comments others have written about yours.
StoryCraft Corp - offers writers software for screenplays, plays, novels, fiction, short stories, and creative writing.
Quality of Course Inc. - writing school that teaches short story, article, erotica, memoir and business writing by correspondence. Learn to write well with interactive help from professionals.
Proper Manuscript Format - a professional science fiction writer explains how to format your short story for submission to an editor. Cleverly disguised as a properly formatted manuscript!
Atticus Books and Whitecross Writing Group - secondhand bookshop; Tom and Kit Flemons; and venue for writing group and artists.
Lichfield and District Writers - support group for local aspiring writers. Offers speakers, manuscript evenings, workshops, socials, and postal folios.
Stratford-upon-Avon Writers World Wide - site of the Writers Circle, where members, and guests from around the world, post their works for discussion.
The T Party - small writers’ group based in London and the South East, specialising in “genre” fiction.
trAce Online Writing Community - participants write, work, and collaborate on the Web to build a lively interactive literary community. Program sponsors competitions, fellowships, and conferences.
Other Worlds Writers’ Workshop - editing and critique help for speculative fiction writers of all skill levels, featuring specialised workshops, a bookstore, and structured lessons for young writers.
Displaced Writers’ Network - network for unemployed and under-employed writers, with links to online resources, descriptions of printed resources, and an opportunity to share stories.
The Wild East - features workshops and writing publications, from Hong Kong and the world.
Writer’s Sandbox - workshops, critiques and resources by Michael Garrett.




New Mystery - New Mystery, the world’s best new original short stories and reviews of books and film. Literary website recent nominated for Edgar Poe Award, Anthony, Blaggard, Shamus and MacCavity Awards for best short stories of the……
Creative Writing Books - Audio/Video Tapes, on Screenwriting, Novel/Short Story Development, and Writers Resources. A specialized library of books, audio and video tapes for all aspects of writing: Script writing, screenwriting, screenplay, fiction, prose, mystery, science fiction, non-fiction, film production, TV and teleplay.
Short Story Index - The stories are not listed in any particular order or genre. Below each story is a very brief description of its content. There will be new stories added each month.
Short Story Collections - Short Story Collections Browse by Category. Recent Reviews.
The Market List - A Writers Market Resource for Genre Fiction.
The Short Story Cycle - A Genre Companion and Reference Guide
Online short story resource - Links Information.
Other Voices - The following short stories are mostly contributed by readers who have decided to try their hand at writing their own story in this genre.
Gimli’s Stories - fantasy filled site seeking readers and submissions.
Star Trek/Sci-Fi Short Stories for Teens
Burry Man Writers Center - links, articles, and resources for writers, including a special focus on writing about Scotland.
Absolute Write - articles, interviews, and resources for screenwriting, freelance writing, playwriting, novels and non-fiction, and business writing.
Forward Motion: Holly Lisle’s Writing Pages - essays on writing, selling, publishing fiction from a full-time writer.
Instant Novelist - includes writing contests, book reviews, and a focus on short fiction.
Just Write - contains links to help serious writers find ways to earn money, and space to post works in progress for feedback. - online directory of literary agents, as well as discussion forums, articles, and advice on finding an agent.
MomWriters - online community of professional and new writers who face the challenges of writing with children underfoot. Offers articles, resources, contests, discussion forums, and more. - online writers community, featuring contests, essays, a bookclub, and a scribble-pad forum.
Writer’s and Poet’s Page
Writer’s Resource - lists places accepting submissions, with guidelines and contact information.



General Links

Peter Steele - Author of short stories – available in ebook format via his site. Extracts from his novels, short stories and poems have been published in 146 anthologies. His biography has appeared in The International Authors & Writers Who Who.
Writer’s World - features an online magazine, genre-specific information and more.
Writers Write - resource for writers, including job listings, author interviews, chat and message boards, and other features.
Writing Corner - resources for writers include chat room, recommended reading lists, web directory, and news on publications seeking submissions.
Writing for Comics - instructional essays and links for aspiring comic book writers.



Societies & Organistations

Writers Guild of Great Britain - writing is a solitary business, but membership in the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain means that writers need not be isolated.
Society of Freelance Editors & Proofreaders (SFEP) - non-profit-distributing organisation aiming to promote high editorial standards and achieving recognition of the professional status of its members.



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